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Shenzhen Head Office
Phone: 0755-84699656
84674858 0755- 84674858

13590345552 彭工 Person in charge of Shenzhen: 13590345552

13923852884 Yang Gong

Company Fax: 0755-84699656
Address: Room 888, 3 / F, Runlongwei Business Building, No. 11, Jiaye Road, Hehua Community, Pinghu Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Basketball court, tennis court, runway construction company profile
Shenzhen Qiuxin Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in project planning, scheme design, engineering construction,

Fitness equipment and after sales service company. Construction projects include: plastic track, artificial turf, plastic field, basketball field, football field, feather

Court, elastic, hard acrylic court, PVC sports floor, silicon PU floor, high-low basketball rack, path fitness equipment, table tennis and other sports

Supporting construction enterprises with equipment and equipment. The company obtained the third-level building construction qualification, membership certificate of Guangdong Sporting Goods Association

, ISO1400: 2004.LSO: 2008.LSO: 2010 and other quality system certifications, sports bureau engineering recommendation certificate, quality trust certificate, runway association

Club membership certificate. Environmental system certificate.
Recent projects
football field Zhuhai safety plastic floor mats completed Groundwater EPDM Ground Works at Daya Bay Completed Completion of the runway court at Futian District Yitian Primary School Longbo Baolong Industrial Zone Anbo Electronic Basketball Court. Badminton Court Badminton court PVC badminton court Shenzhen Pinghu School Runway Project Completed Construction site: Zhuhai Shanhuhai Children's Activity Center (EPDM ground engineering)

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